Friday, 6 April 2012

Cottonwood creek song

cottonwood creek
april 2012 buena vista colorado

theres a dairy maid
with chestnut brown eyes
and skin burnt from working
beneith the great clear blue skies
with her hair so dark
and such rosy cheeks
she lives on the banks
of the Cottonwood Creek

as fresh as the fountain
as strong as the mountain
she made me happy
though i stayed but a week

and as i travel afar
over wild rolling seas
i'll remember my sweetheart of
Cottonwood Creek

our lives are a dance
to a strange melody
played by players unknown
and who no-one can see
as i followed the steps
i found that my feet
had led me to the banks
of the Cottonwood Creek

though our meeting was brief
our love was deep
full of moments of sadness
and passionate heat

as the mystical dance
sweeps me far away
i'll remember my sweetheart
of Cottonwood Creek

G b- A7 D7
G b- C G
b- a- D7 G

G b- e- D7
G b- C G
b- a- D7 G

Friday, 2 March 2012

I paid these two hobos $2 each to pose for my valentines card picture
in Washington sq new orelans

shanty playing saxophone in North Carolina by a waterfall

Nathan playing banjo to Veronica... two friends dec 2011

Luke Windslow King and Alessandro playing music in the kitchen Dec 2011

Smoking time jazz club

My friend Rashid visiting from Paris France ... a coloured stencil i made of him

Leila and her buddy playing music in a yard party in new orleans

good times with friends in North Carolina near Ashville

A group of girlfriends eating icecream at the amazing Franklin icecream store in Philly

An album cover for The ROyal J's jazz band New orleans

An Amish girl on lunch break in the central markets philly