Monday, 23 February 2009


Kato - a nice american girl i met at Michael's monday art sessions. She was posing with some kind of communist police helmet. I did the painting in pastels.

Just finished work on this sculpture in DAS air-dry modeling clay. It is a cricket umpire giving the OWZAT sign! It is a present to my dad who won the 'big hitter of the year award' for his local team the Salamagundi Gardeners!
Here it is shown before and after colouring - I rightly predicted I could not resist going over the top on the colours!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

TALLINN january 2009

I went to visit Triin for a swing dance festival in Tallinn in mid January 2009. We had a lovely time. In this picture my new friend Tiuu (left) is hanging out in the hostel kitchen where i was staying for that week. Triin on the right looks very much like a Soviet Statue.


In January I went for several days to see friends in Ghent. This is a picture of my brother Tom and the very talented guitarist and singer Sven sitting in the Moccabohnen cafe in central Ghent - a beautiful old man's cafe. I am reflected in the mirror. The picture was done from life over a cup of coffee while Bots was eating cream to my left and the photo show how a camera saw the scene!

This painting is of my friends cycling to a party under the full moon on a cold snowy night on the outskirts of Ghent. It was a magical and beautiful evening and on my return to London i painted the view from memory in watercolours and gave it to Anneke in thanks for her generoscity and kindness over the years. Depicted from right to left - Bots, Me, Anneke, Lotty, Stephen and Alina -