Wednesday, 18 February 2009


In January I went for several days to see friends in Ghent. This is a picture of my brother Tom and the very talented guitarist and singer Sven sitting in the Moccabohnen cafe in central Ghent - a beautiful old man's cafe. I am reflected in the mirror. The picture was done from life over a cup of coffee while Bots was eating cream to my left and the photo show how a camera saw the scene!

This painting is of my friends cycling to a party under the full moon on a cold snowy night on the outskirts of Ghent. It was a magical and beautiful evening and on my return to London i painted the view from memory in watercolours and gave it to Anneke in thanks for her generoscity and kindness over the years. Depicted from right to left - Bots, Me, Anneke, Lotty, Stephen and Alina -

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