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Above: Elvis strolling down the street

New Orleans is famous for its parties - people make any excuse for a party and often need none. Compared to everyone else I felt more Irish than Finnigan's side-burns but that did not stop thousands of people dressing rediculously for St Patricks day and doing some of the most surreal Irish accents I have ever heard.

The wearing of the green - me and Lulu on St Patricks day

Anyhow, after a few days in new orleans living with a bunch of artists with a big common wardrobeof carnival costumes I realized there was nothing to stop me dressing up as much as I could.

Me dressed a little like Uncle Sam

I was not alone in this permanently festive atmosphere. I was very pleasantly surprised how well people generally dressed - many were over-weight but they dressed with a lot of style - way better than the English (that's not saying much) and many on a par with the French.

Johnie looking good at the wedding - a little rabbit like I think!

But when they go to town I don't think I have yet seen their match! The Mardi Gras Indians are the ultimate in this field.

Above - Indians at the end of the Super Sunday march

Followed closely by the Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs.

Second Line Dancers with Brass Band behind them

Both of these traditions are explained in the next chapter, here I just want to show photos of some of the wild ways people dress in New Orleans day in day out whatever the weather or time of day!

The happy couple Ratty and Oops at the wedding in the children's playground

Typical Californian girls ... he he he: Katya and Lila ...with no paaants ooon!

Buskers on Frenchman street - from left to right - Blu, Jessy, Colin and Jo

Bots and me drinking a cup of tea in our tweedledum tweedledee costumes

A melange of styles at the wedding

Setting off for the Second Line

Pierre Pressure at the wedding

Me dressed up

Machiah at the wedding as a bride's maid

Katie. Blu and Jo pimping out

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