Sunday, 11 October 2009

LIZ' WEDDING bristol october 2009

just got back from bristol for liz' wedding. After two days of practice tom told me on saturday morning that he was not sure if he wanted to come to Liz wedding in bristol. We managed to meet our ride at a lovely place in london.. this lady was so nice... she was a Jung analyst! WOW... so cool. We chatted a bit about psycology among other things on the way down. 
She was really pleasant and friendly. We hung out in the main square of bristol eating chips until martin came in his car and took us to meet some acrobats and start throwing ourselves around with them: tom was really up for it and i managed to keep my trousers clean. Then we went to martins house to see his grand piano.. he told us a 15 minutes monologue in the car about how he bought it. Quite boring plot but impressive when you consider he was dodging other cars and pausing in the tale to abuse the other drivers and by the time I got to his house i got out of the car and thought, well that was a good story and then i step into his place and HOLY COW he has a huge grand piano in his front room. He played a few songs... it sounds great! i dont know what he will do with his trumpet, drumset, flute and computer composer now .... anyhow, we rushed back to the party to play... Jan from berlin was there and ed turned up soon later. It was great... tom played well and people were dancing and the highlight was a little 3 year old german girl who did a headspin with me... she had never done it before but managed a few rotations.

 I was pretty high after the proceedings and it was very touching to see Liz and Ben dancing to zorba the greek. People were really happy with our music... i did a back flip off the amps and did not twist my ankle too bad. I was freaking out quite hard cos Liz doesn't get married everyday. 
I had not slept much the previous two nights so i was pretty exhausted but decided to check out the after party... I was feeling really good and friendly with people... I sat on the sofa and listened to martin chatting... he is good at that... he just talks incessently about anything... quite impressive and pretty funny. His favourite subjects are violence, women, musical instruments, attacking other breakdancers, famous people he knows, how to make money and generally how bad the world is and how it justifies his unscrupulous money making methods. Having said that, he may be a tough businessman but I defy anyone not to fall under his charm and as a friend he is very loyal and generous! I stayed the night in his house... in the strangely empty room with a squeaky bed...  as i fell to sleep at 3 am he started playing drum set upstairs with a voice sample of him singing in the back ground... 'I want a sunday-love, that does not end on saturday-love!' 
   In the morning i had trouble waking him up with a cup of tea. We left for Emily's place to find that tom (who had slept there) had taken the train back to london. Martin and i drove to quaker meeting and sat in silence. I was impressed by the ministery... they were talking about really important things and it was good to see idealistic adults speaking with energy, belief and authority about really important matters. I think i will attend more quaker meetings actually - good people. Most adults are just smug about their plexi-screen TV and big car and have obtained their life-long ambition of being comfortable and having what everyone else has. Quakers are really different... good people concerned about the world. They can be a bit cautious but I still admire them. In the middle of the silent meeting, Martin announced... without standing up as is custom... that he had two japanese made industrial water purifiers to the value of 20,000 pounds lying unused in his sitting room if anyone had a use for them... if no-one could have heard me i would have laughed like a chimp. He told me after he was inspired by the short first ministary about the waters of life and the second ministery about getting up and doing stuff... 'well, water IS the water of life so I decided to tell them about my water purifiers'. At shared lunch after one lady who knew martin told him such an offer was better suited to business news and martin cut her short saying it was not a business offer but out of the goodness of his heart and just a practical piece of ministary. He tore into this lady as soon as we got back to the car on account of her marrying a man who used to work in weapons research 'to burn children' while Martin was a "thoroughbred quaker" who was educated in a quaker school in York! 
We went to find my good friend Ollie but he was out... real pity... and then went back to Emilys to say goodbye. I planned to take the train back to london but martin offered to drive me... i wish i had refused... i could have slept in the train and it only cost 25 pounds.. .but he wanted to come to london to see a friend and said i could pay him the 25 quid... he gave me a nice blue jumper with MR MARTIAN in big letters on it... so i was happy to give him some money. I should have been more focused... i had been told that the roads in to london on a sunday are terribly packed... sure enough the journey took 4 hours instead of 2 and martins conversation about women and abuse of other drivers became a little heavy... he must have cursed over 100 other drivers during the journey and promised to shoot about 15 who he thought were trying to personally offend him. we eventually made it to acrobatics in london only 1 hour late and i started training... martin was not too into it and did a few flips... the instructor came and asked him if he wanted to learn how to do clean back flips and martin said he would stop training and sat on the side lines for the rest of the session. 
   We drove home and FINALLY I got out of his crappy car... god i did not walk anywhere since i met him yesterday ... inside a car you cant hear the noises of other cars ... just your stereo... but when the windows open you realize how much noise you are making... inside a car ever other car is not a person but a big piece of metal that gets in your way and even women with prams are obstacles that slow you down... martin himself quite characteristically started cursing some women with her kids... 'Who asked you to litter the earth with your vermin?' She could not hear and it is sometimes funny but maybe too offensive for the average citizen who would not see the deeper issues in his comments which often dont have any deeper issues. Funny guy but like most funny guys i know, just messing with words and ideas and rarely putting them into effect and also it is too easy for them to abuse stuff without actually trying to do anything about it. 
   Anyhow, back at home we eat and watched a Kurismaki movie then Martin started chatting to louis about the music business and then he left and i recorded the weekends adventures... a fun trip to bristol but boy am i glad to be going to bed!

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