Thursday, 8 July 2010

Tea cup and Lindyhop dancers sculptures and breakdancer


A mug I made for my dad, you can drink tea from the top and put buscuits to keep warm

in the mouth lower part!

My cup for my dads birthday, with a mouth where he can put his buscuits... not an original idea but an original nose for sure!

I based the figure a bit on my memories of the Green Man

of English myth... he is a wild fella who carries a huge club and represents fertility!

A present for my wild dad! May his energy never diminish! He he!


I made a small 15 centemeters high sculpture for our Finnish friends who invite Triin and myself frequently over to Finland for gigs in Tampere at the swing dance school there.

They celebrated their wedding in mid Febuary 2010 but the piece was not yet quite finished.

Hopefully by April it will all be glazed and maybe even painted.

They are a lovely couple and also very good swing dancers with an appetite for fun.


This is a sculpture of a breakdancer which I made while studying Art Foundation at Filton College Bristol in 2001. I exhibited it in France that summer in Fougeres during my time as a Young European Artist in residence near the castle there and one of the local kids we were breakdancing with stole it from the gallery. Quite flattered! He could have taken the Video player!

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