Saturday, 16 October 2010

NAVRATI Hindi festival in Adalaide Ocotber 15 2010

I went to a really beautiful Hindi festival this evening with Marko called Naavrati. I was late and he left to meet Tiiu just as I arrived so I hung out there on my own watching them dance. Everyone was dressed so nicely, so many colours and they all looked so beautiful! I really wanted to dance but I also did not want to disturb them ... I think it would have been OK but I wanted someone to show me the basics. I asked a few people but they said they did not know so I gave up by bollywood carreer and started drawing all the beautiful dresses and men's robes. I gave away the pictures because they made the sitters happy but I took photos of my artwork.

The temple in the middle of the hall

Above the photo of the family and below my sketch of the same people

A lady who asked me to draw her. She is apparently also an artist.
In her raised right hand she is carrying two percussion sticks used for a dance.

Happy dancing dudes

Above, a girl resting

Standing figures

Sitting girl with percussion sticks

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