Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The story of how it got its name is uniquely Australian. When some of the first whitefellas saw this unusual animal hopping about they asked the Aborigines what it was called. The Aborigines replied 'kanguru', which in their language meant "I don't know". Sometime later, the whitefellas discovered what kangaru really meant and then concluded that the Aborigines must have misunderstood the question asked of them. Of course, it is just as probable that the Aborigines understood the question but thought it would be a funny joke if the ignorant Europeans walked about saying "I don't know". *

* A similar communication breakdown/joke led to the naming of Melbourne's moomba festival. Aborigines told organisers that moomba means: "lets get together and have fun." In reality, it means "bum."

Above: Almost finished picture of Kangaroo and Wombat in the storm and in the summer

The first completed mural of Kangeroo and Wombat getting violent,
including a close up below of the upper part of the painting!

Sketches for the Kangaroo and Wombat mural

I told the children the Kangaroo and Wombat stories and they started sketching them with lots of great and inspiring results
Wombat asleep in his warm house by Noemi

Above: Jack's work

Above: ??? work

Above: Maria Hose from Columbia's picture. I loved her birds and
asked her to do the four corner birds in the finished mural.

Fatimah from Afghanisthan. A lovely little girl with little English but great
drawing talent. She did a fantastic job painting all the flowers in the final mural!

Above: My sketches for Wombat asleep in his cosy home and outside with Kangeroo

Abufazr from Afghanistans sketch of Roo and Wombat. He helped me paint the
flowers in the finished painting and was great help and and company!

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