Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Me at my vernissage public viewing of my artwork at ingle farm primary school, Adelaide.

After 8 weeks of part-time painting and workshops with the children of ingle farm primary school I have finally finished the term and it has been a lot of fun, quite exhausting and a wonderfully educative experience for me and hopefully for the kids too!
I painted 6 seperate panals which replaced the holes left by the old airconditioning units ... each one was about the size of a door and stood at knee hight. I painted 4 on aboriginal themes inspired by two aboriginal stories and the other two panels were based on a Russian fairy tale and an Indian epic. My thanks to all involved especially the Rita Martucci who made it all possible by inviting me and accomodating me and driving me to school and the kids who helped me with ideas, painting, re-enacting the stories and entertaining me! I am looking forward to doing more projects like this in the future!

'By the Pikes Wish', a fantastic Russian fairy tale about a lazy bones who catches a magic pike who grants him is every wish if he spares his life. He does so and then proceeds to magic everything he needs - chopped wood, water, automatic sleigh.... Eventually the Tsar hears about it and invites him to the palace where he drives sitting on his warm oven with the official messenger petrified by his side. He falls in love with the princess and magics her in love with him. The Tsar cant stand the idea of his daughter marrying a lazy villager so he kidnaps them both and puts them in a barrel and drops them in the sea but he magics them out of that mess and they become Tsar and Tsarina in the end and live very very very happily and he even magics himself to being more handsome and cultivated at his wife's request! No worries mate!


Above: sita in the jungle

Ravana on the rampage with Hanuman jumping in from Top Right stage and Rama
shooting his golden arrow as Sita is snatched in the foreground.
Finished mural!
Me skipping during recess with some of the kids posing. There are many 'new arrivals', recent immigrants to australia from over 25 countries. Many from Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, China and Korea and some SE Asian countries and they are helped intergrate into the Australian culture with native speaking helpers! Here a Sudanese girl and a girl from Congo are hugging a Russian girl as I borrow their skipping rope!

Kangeroo and Wombat story I

Below: me and one of the nice kids from Congo who was so helpful
and would get angry if i did not let him help me in any way!

(aka Mr Gee)

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