Thursday, 13 April 2017

new song I WANNA BE....

written march in spain on the boat back to UK
I WANNA BE   ......                                 


I wanna be bourgeois

Play Bach on my guitar

I don’t wanna be angry or depressed any more

I wanna decent job

Where the boss ain’t trying to rip me off

And im not selling useless crap that just fucks up the earth


When I look out of my window at the concrete towers and tarmac roads

And the endless cars driving all so fast

I dream about another world

I see a river lined with weeping willows

And folks playing music, relaxing on the grass...


I wanna be an angel, I’m tired of being a punk

I want to wake up to birds singing in the trees

I wanna breathe fresh air and not live in some dump

I want to fulfil my potential like the Bourgeoisie


Oh please pass me the mustard

Isn’t the night so grand?

Dining here by moonlight

Darling may I hold your hand

Isn’t life amazing?

An endless mystery

When you can’t see all the suffering

Living life like the bourgeoisie


That’s why I wanna be bourgeois

Sick of being poor

Hustling every day just to pay the landlord

I wanna live in a society

Where generosity

Isn’t a virtue that only the rich can afford


When I see all the potential

All the great things we could do

All the fun we could have if we let our minds be free

Instead of this fucked up system

Where the rich just get more

And the poor are told they’re poor cos of the refugees!


I wanna be an angel

I’m tired of being a punk

Eternally revolting every day

I’m tired of all my music coming out as protest songs

I just want to write romantic serenades!


Oh please pass me the mustard

Darling you look so beautiful

What is that lovely music?

Drifting from over the hill

It’s Jimbino Vegan

Playing with his orchestra/little guitar

He writes such romantic serenades

Have you heard his song I wanna be Bourgeois?


I wanna be Bourgeois

Strolling down the boulevard

Not committing petty crimes just to makes ends meet

I wanna educate myself

And be able to help

All my disenfranchised friends become bourgeois like me


But when I’m walking in the evening

Over Clifton suspension Bridge

I can’t even seem to just enjoy the view

Without the muddy river Avon calling out my name

Saying “Come on boy, jump! What you got to lose?”


I want to be an angel

I’m tired of being a punk

I want to spread my snow white wings and fly away

Over England’s green and pleasant land

Playing my golden harp

Showering the world with joy and harmony


I wanna be an angel

I’m so tired of being a punk

So tired of struggling for every ounce of human dignity

But if I can’t be an angel then it would be enough

Just to live in peace just like the Bourgeoisie


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