Monday, 23 November 2009


Here are some of my remaining (undestroyed, lost or given away) ceramics which i made mostly in 2001 while I was studying art foundation in Filton College Bristol

     ABOVE: a bowel made with a honey glaze over two shades of clay thrown together.

Self portrait of me in clay covered with a gold coloured glaze. 
Made in 2001 during my foundation art course at Filton College Bristol.

Above: a small expresso or saki glass in white with the japanese character for SNOW below. 

A casserole bowel based on the song of the mock turtle from Lewis Carol. The mock turtle sings "SOOUUP GLORIOUS SOOOUUP, SOOUP OF THE EVENING, GLORIOUS GLORIOUS SOUP!"
ABOVE: the lid in the shape of the mock turtle
BELOW: decoration on the side of the casserole


  1. ahh,love ceramics!
    i had a great idea to take a course form the art academy for ceramics too, i remembered you can take pretty much anything from any of the school here.

  2. nice work.
    how did you do the shell for the turtle. is it also formed and glazed by yourself or maybe it's some broken old cup?

  3. and one more guestion, did you also use the turntable?