Saturday, 21 November 2009


This is a short shadow puppet show i put on for the midsummer party in Finland 2009. I made stencils of the figures and will give a brief discription of the story here. 

OK in the bottom left of this picture above you see the hero of the story... a street musician who plays jazz trumpet toot tooot toooooot! He was busking on the street one bright summer morning when the policeman comes to tell him to stop and just at that moment the lamp-post (far left) falls on the policeman and squashes him. The fellow in the towel is just a normal Finnish pedestrian taking some air from the sauna. 

A few minutes later a butcher comes and yells at the street musician to be quiet but as he does so a thief runs out of the butchers shop with all his money and the butcher runs after him with a meat clever (but does not catch the robber because he eats too many sausages... instead he gets a minor heart attack.)
A horrible old lady screams at the musician and tries to pour a bucket of water on his head from her window but she leans too far and falls out and lands squish like an old tomato on the street and a flock of ragged infested pigeons peck away her stringy flesh in a couple of minutes.
Eventually the crowd develops and a couple start dancing and fall in love and have many kids and tip the musician generously and they live happilly ever after and the musician comes most days when the sun is shining and plays delightful music (a little bit more delightful each time as he improves!)

                                                              THE END!

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