Tuesday, 17 November 2009

LONDON october and november 2009

Here are some pictures I drew in London in the late autumn and early winter of 2009. These are various sketches made here and there... on the metro, at home, at a concert, in the street, in a park... etc... There are more pictures you can see in the MATS PALACE blog and MY HEROS blog too. 
    I hope you enjoy this eclectic unassociated group of pictures!

A Sheik gentleman on the district underground line near Whitechapel 
early one bright afternoon in early october.

ABOVE: 3 mills studios in Bromley by Bow where LISPA school is situated in London

Penny a half dutch student at LISPA first year course.

Some  students from LISPA on the opening day listening to the fire escape instructions.

Lawrence, a fantastic guitarist who I play a lot of music with this Autumn Winter in London. 


  1. sorry to be pedantic, jimmy, but that should be 'sikh' and not 'sheik'...

  2. and i love your illustrations! don't ever stop!