Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I have been recording my dreams on and off for several years but only once in a while do i draw what i dreamt. 
Here are some stories of my dreams including illustrations. I hope you enjoy them. Psycoanalists are free to
Lots of love
dec 28/29 2010
wow i have been having such strong dreams just these last few days... last night i was in Estonia walking through a big park and i crossed a bridge and there was a palace on the other side. I went to the water to wash my cooking pot and suddenly lots of Russians came into the water too. One of them told me that Jesus was there. The water was really low but was rising very quickly and i looked out at the big lake and there were lots of bubbles on the water ... all different colours. The Russians were filling up their bottles with water and then emptying them or something... just dipping the bottles into the water again and again as the water rose. I looked at the beautiful bubbles on the water ... pink, green, blue, red, purple, yellow all the colours ... I thought... i have to come back and take a photo and suddenly i met my friend Roby who I love very much and only see once every 3 years. he was there with his girlfriend but she was very cool to me. He seemed distracted too and I had the feeling that he would have to leave very soon. 
   Behind the low concrete bridge the lake was full and the trees on the islands in the distance were black against the sunset.
   that was the beautiful part of the dream but it went on... about being given a place to sleep in a big hall full of people and my younger brother lying down and kicking another boy lying next to him but not aggressively... but strange. It felt a bit like the big sports hall at Viljandi folk festival where i stayed last summer with Triin but also more old and dusty and like a squatted old public school.

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