Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Every sunday night Mat Parry (PAZ) is the host and chief organiser for a jam session in East London called Matt's Palace (after Chat's Palace where the jam session started until the venue moved a couple of years ago). Mat kindly pays me to come and sketch some of the talented and very friendly musicians and the scenes in the Princess of Wales pub by the canal on Lea Bridge Road in Clapton. There is a wonderful mixture of openess to all-comers and a deep desire to listen, experiment and communicate artistically and emotionally as a group through jamming.
 Here are some of my pictures from that weekly event, if you want to use them for anything you are very welcome but I would very much appreciate being asked. 
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  I hope you like it .. comments very appreciated!

Lance... top bass player
 Roger... very very good bass lines.

Drummer at Matts Palace, jazz jam session in East London. 

An old picture of a session just off Fleet street in 2007

2009 Mats Palace in the princess of wales
Great saxophone player! very nice stuff sir!
A sax on a table
Mat knocking himself out with that bass!



Ollie and another tenor saxophonist

Ed Hicks

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