Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I have just completed updating my song book which has 40 original songs which I have written since 2003. It also has original illustrations and photos and all the chords and some background information about the songs. Available for £4.

Here is an example of one of the songs:


June '08 London melody - August '08 Rockstock-Helsinki ferry text


Late last night I went to bed                                    C/a-/d-/G7

Put a coin beneath my head                                    C/a-/F/G

When I opened my eyes to my delight

My bed and I flew through the night

The sea below was as black as coal

The stars above as white as snow

In a dark wood we did land

Where my clarinet stood with outstretched hands


       I get a kick outta you, can't take my eyes off you

      The way you move, makes me feel so good

       I get a kick outta you, all my dreams are coming true


Under the trees skipping ropes

Were dancing with happy jokes

They leapt and hopped and as they sang

The chimes of midnight slowly rang

Suddenly clarinet

Had vanished into the thin air

I looked throughout the forest

But of my clarinet I found no trace


      I get a kick outta you, why did I take my eyes off you

      When I danced with you, it made me feel so you

      I get a kick out of you, with your magic red shoes


The pale moon danced like a goon

The silent streets sang harmonies

My clarinet took my rough hands

And lead me to a distant land

Where streams of living water flow

And snow-white swans to giants grow

I touched the mouthpiece with my lips

And found myself on a milk white ship


    I get a kick outta you,

    In the valley of death I fear I'll get ill

    I get a kick out of you, reality all seems so unreal


The captain of the milk white ship

Was a crazy drunken insomniac?

He hunted for whales in the canals

While singing Turkish madrigals

He made himself walk the plank

And laughed out loud as his ship he sank

But I agreed with his philosophy

And jumped overboard shouting gleefully...


     I get a kick outta you, when I think of you

     I take a shower, when I take a shower

     I think of you, I get a kick out of you!

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